TRY-Motion Gym was started because the owners, like many, found themselves reaching 50, had put too much weight, and were out of shape. Looking to get "back in the gym," we first lost the weight (Allan lost over 60 pounds in 100 days and Karen lost 40) all without a single day of exercise.


Karen started working out in a local gym and did get in better shape. However, she was working out 6 days a week for two hours a day. Most of that time was wasted as she reached a plateau in months and the next two years offered few gains (if any).


Our key learning was, first of all, diet - not exercise, accounts for rapid weight loss! The exercise industry is yanking your chain by telling you "diet and exercise" to lose weight. All you need is a proper diet and the weight will fall off - fast. Secondly, spending two hours a day, six days a week in the gym doesn't mean you will make progress. Obviously something was missing.


After looking around at the gyms, we found most were just places to rent equipment. We could go anytime we wanted and do whatever we wanted. Here's the rub, we didn't know exactly what to do. The proposed solution? Hire a personal trainer. Suddenly the "cheap" price of the gym was very expensive. A good personal trainer costs about $100 an hour. An hour! Sure, you go cheaper, but then you end up with someone with minimal training who counts repetitions and collects your money. Either way, the costs add up faster than the results.


We needed a gym that offers the benefits of a personal trainer with the cost of a regular gym. We couldn't find one so we decided to create it.

So what qualifies us to start a gym? First of all, Karen is a physician. She has dedicated her life to health and you find out more about her at Allan has been a lifelong martial artist, a veteran, has a master's in project management and a PhD (ABD) in organizational behavior. With Karen's background in medicine and Allan's background in human behavior, a gym was a natural fit.