What's it like to train at TRY-Motion Gym?

On this page we'll tell you the kind of results our clients have reported and we'll also give you a sense of our guiding beliefs, approach to training and how we're different than most gyms.


"Big Box" gyms oversell their space in an effort to maximize profits. This means that when you show up to workout, it's crowded, noisy, and you end up waiting for the equipment you need. At TRY-Motion Gym, we keep our group sessions limited to avoid overcrowding.


If you've ever been to a gym before, you know it's often populated by freakishly large men grunting and screaming. Not only is this intimidating, it's annoying. While we don't discourage heavy lifting (like Planet Fitness), loud grunting and throwing weights around is showboating and has nothing to do with strength building.


Not everyone is physically ready for hard exercise. You may have an old injury or physical shortcoming that you're concerned will prevent or limit your ability to workout. Our programs are uniquely designed to progressively rebuild the human body over time. Whether you have a physical limitation or a medical history, our coaches are trained to start where you are and assist you planning your progress.


The odds are this is not your first attempt at getting in shape. Even if you have tried and failed in the past, our programs are designed to begin at the beginning and rebuild you no matter your past. If you are already in good condition, our progressive programs will take you over the plateaus and put you back on track for even greater gains.


Everyone wants to be in better shape, but not everyone likes to exercise. Part of the problem is most people experienced exercise programs when the prevailing thought was it required hours in the gym, day after day. Current exercise science has come a long way since your high school days. Unless you're a professional athlete, you won't need more than three hours a week of proper training to realize the gains you seek.



To Rebuild. To Recharge. To Recreate.



We REBUILD by making extensive changes in the body to restore it to its previous condition of youthfulness and vigor.



We RECHARGE our clients so they can make a new attack on life's struggles; regain the physical, mental, and emotional energy required to charge into work and play; and to leave a workout with more energy than they entered.



We RECREATE by giving encouragement, renewing the spirit through the influence of pleasant surroundings, refresh after wearying toil or anxiety by change and diversion, and restore strength  (Latin recreatus). Implies renewing, repairing, restoring, and revitalizing.



"A vigorous life!"

A vigorous life is one where life's activities are carried out forcefully and energetically, full of physical and mental strength with an expanded capacity for physical, intellectual, and moral exertion.



TRY-Motion gym inspires the 83% of those who do not consistently exercise to achieve a healthy lifestyle, become freer, more autonomous, and become healthy influencers to others. We are statistically the leading fitness center in the world for the non-gym rat.


OUR MOTTO: TRY (Totally Rebuild Yourself)

To TRY means to have DESIRE + EFFORT. One who truly tries cannot fail. To TRY is to overcome fear. If one knows he or she will try and try again, and again, there can be no hesitation. We cannot fail. We can only learn and grow. To TRY is gain hope for the future.


TRY = Totally Rebuild Yourself. To TRY requires the desire to return to a youthful and vigorous body and to apply the physical and mental effort required. This motto implies we and our clients will on occasion fall short. To Recreate means we will encourage one another, renew our spirt, restore our strength, and TRY again, and again.



Our VALUES determine our daily actions to achieve our MISSION, help us fulfill our PURPOSE, and drive us toward our VISION.


The VALUES that determine our daily actions to achieve our MISSION:


  1. Safety
  2. Fun
  3. Fellowship
  4. Better


Our Approach

You will immediately know things are different when you join TRY-Motion Gym. Our approach begins with a Functional Movement Screen to discover deficiencies in how your body moves. We don't want to just make you strong, we want to improve the way you move.


Unlike many gyms, we don't start you out with a "fat" and fitness test. You are considering joining a gym because you know you either need, or want, to get in better shape. The Functional Movement Screen isn't used to determine your fitness level but your ability to move throughout a full range of motion.


Our program consists of three phases: Adapt, Build, and Condition (ABC). In the first phase, we focus on preparing the body for intense exercise. We build the joints to protect them from damage. In the second phase, we build strength and power. In the third phase, we increase your endurance levels.


Each session is 45-minutes long and has 6 steps. The goal of each session is to activate the muscles, prepare the joints, build power, strength, and conditioning.


Every session begins with joint protection and ends with rolling to prevent soreness.


We strive to have a good time. Leave you with more in the tank than you started. Challenge you without tearing you down.


What Makes Us Unique?

It's hard to make a gym unique, but we TRY. One of the ways we do this is by offering a program that integrates personal training with group training. Our system offers the best of both worlds. You will receive a specialized program that addresses your specific needs. However, instead of working with, and paying for, a personal trainer, you will workout in a group setting. 

We strive for progress, not perfection. 

Now that you have a better idea about the results you can expect by working with us and our approach and philosophy of working with clients, next go to the Our Programs page to learn about the specific services and programs we offer.