We have three primary services we offer:

  1. Our strength and conditioning program
  2. Our diet and weight loss program
  3. Our lifting lounge for coffee, power shakes, and education


Our strength and conditioning program was introduced on the page How we work. In addition to our flagship program, we also offer a diet and weight loss program.


Here's a big secret - exercise is not the best way to lose weight. While it can help, the reality is that exercise will also boost your desire to eat. If you're overweight, assuming you don't have a rare (and don't kid yourself, it's rare) metabolic disorder, you have terrible eating habits. If you exercise, you just end up eating more of the bad same bad foods and gain even more weight. In the end, you will just end up stronger but still fat.


For those who are overweight, we actually discourage exercise. We will put you on our proven diet program and in less than 100 days you will shed about 50-60 pounds and will be ready to exercise. Not only will you have lost the weight, you will have gained proper eating habits. While this policy may seem extreme at first, you will come to appreciate it as the pounds fall off. In the first week, you can expect to lose about 7-8 pounds and about 5 pounds a week thereafter. And don't worry, the program is easy to follow, doesn't require complicated meals or calorie counting. Best of all, it always works!


Our other key service is our Lifting Lounge. The Lounge offers specialized shakes to meet your metabolic needs. Whether you need an energy boost before a workout, a post-workout enhancer, or satisfying meal replacement during the day, the Lifting Lounge will meet your needs. Additionally, we use the Lounge for lectures on dieting, cooking, and fitness as well as just watching a game or listening to music. Overall, have a cup of coffee or a shake and relax in the Lifting Lounge.